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Secure system keeps data safe and ensures longevity.

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Date Amount Method
2023-05-24 17:12:13 0.02 USD FaucetPay
2023-05-23 10:27:05 0.10 USD ChainPMT
Date Coin Amount Method
2023-06-03 17:59:28 Litecoin USD 0.01170000 chainpmt
2023-06-02 05:46:35 Dogecoin USD 0.01009000 chainpmt
2023-05-23 16:06:59 Litecoin USD 0.02225700 faucetpay
2023-05-21 05:30:18 Dogecoin USD 0.01010000 chainpmt
2023-05-16 17:53:30 Bitcoin USD 0.18873000 faucetpay
2023-05-16 14:04:53 Bitcoin USD 0.04257000 faucetpay
2023-05-16 07:50:42 Dogecoin USD 0.00159700 chainpmt
2023-05-16 01:07:59 Bitcoin USD 0.03299000 faucetpay
2023-05-15 07:48:10 Dogecoin USD 0.00190000 chainpmt
2023-05-14 07:32:35 Dogecoin USD 0.00138000 chainpmt


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Blog entries offer news & information for users.

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ChainPMT.Com allows us to pay users in a simple and safe way.  Your payments are aggregated there under the address you used when you made...

Why is 2FA required?

We are able to offer higher faucet claims than most sites because of the measures we have implemented to reduce fraud and cheating.  Two-Factor Authentication...